05 November 2018

Getting Ready for Christmas

It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas, especially decorating for Christmas, I've been thinking about it since I packed up last Christmas!

My decorating changes from year to year, but we always have the big Christmas tree in the loungeroom. This one is always traditional red, green and gold colour scheme, but the decorations change from year to year.

The Christmas tree in December 2016 - can't wait to see what it's like this year!
In the family room we have a smaller tree. This is the modern tree, the one we have lots of fun with. I'm not sure what colour theme we'll go with this year. I'm tending towards the pale pink, green and silver. These colours are so pretty. Or pale pink, burgundy and gold took my eye too, and I really, really like them together.

In the entrance, on top of the tall boy, Hannah is going to do a retro vignette. She has the cutest vintage metal caravan, from Kmart, that will be the centrepiece. We have an Advent calendar in block form that will go with it, and lots of small Christmas trees. It just needs a new runner, in coordinating colours, to be finished. I have some fabric in my stash that I think will be perfect, and I've put it on my sewing list for this week.

One of the arrangements on the tall boy in the entrance - from 2015, it changes every year
The front door always has a wreath on it. I picked up some solar lights in the Boxing Day sales last year that will look lovely in and around the pots. And lastly the doormat. We have a Christmas doormat that's bright and cheery as you come through the door.

I have aprons, tea towels and pot holders that only come out for Christmas, and while I was sewing for the Crafty Mum's sale, I made some new pot holders and hand towels for us. The blue and white plates get put away and the Christmas plates we've collected over the years go up instead. The Christmas cookie jars come out to sit on the bench and the top of the fridge, and they always look cheery. And from the 1st December, out comes the Christmas table linen.

My collection of nativity sets come out and get put wherever there's a space - the arrangements change from year to year, depending on how we're decorating.

One of the bigger nativity sets - oops, wrong photo, this is one of my Christmas villages!
Even the bathrooms get a Christmas makeover, with Christmas coloured towels, hand towels and face washers. Out comes the Christmas soap (I make a fresh batch each year) and the hand wash goes into the Christmas pump bottle.

And lastly the back verandah. There are little lanterns that hang from the roof. They hold tea lights and look so pretty when they're lit. Along the railing we string solar lights, they are just gorgeous. We hang a wreath in the window of the sliding door and string solar fairy lights through the hanging baskets and pots. I bring out some plastic Christmas table linen for the little table on the verandah and swap out the pillows on the chairs for Christmas pillows.

Now you can understand why I start in November!

Right photo, at last!
All this takes planning and plotting and note takings. I use OneNote on my laptop, but I am a tad inclined to be a technology luddite, so I have a notebook I copy everything into, so I don't lose track. I write down ideas, where I find new decorations and their price, new layouts to try, to-do lists and everything else connected to Christmas. It all goes into my Christmas planner, on the sheets from the Own Your Christmas Challenge.

Tomorrow is Cup Day, and a holiday here. The plan is for everything to come out of storage to be checked over. Anything that is broken and can't be repaired will be discarded. I'll make lists of what we need (I know I'd like more greenery this year for swags) and a rough plan of what is going where will go into my planner to save time later in the month.

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