28 December 2008

I'm going on a shoe hunt....

Christmas is over, the food has been eaten, the drinks are all gone and the Christmas cake is slowly dwindling away. The kids have put their presents away and the recycle bin is full to overflowing with cardboard, wrapping paper, soft drink bottles and the like.

It's time to hit the Boxing Day sales. This year I am a little late, due to a family crisis, but I am ready and raring to go. I have looked over all the junk mail and pored over the websites to choose what I will buy and work out my plan of attack.

Tomorrow morning at 8:15am I will be leaving home, money tucked safely in my purse and water bottle at the bottom of my bag so I can go shoe shopping. I desperately need new black heels, new sandals and some smart but dressy courts. And perhaps some flats to wear this winter too. I am going to David Jones to do battle at the shoe sale and I intend to bring home everything on my list.

Hannah has her list made out too. She has her Christmas money divided up in her purse - some for clothes, some for stationery, a little put aside for new runners and enough for a couple of new CDs she has been waiting for.

Ok, if I am going to be up early and full of beans tomorrow I need to get to bed right now.

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