MOO Cheapskates Washing Powder

I invented this washing powder about 23 years ago, from a recipe for a homemade washing gel. The gel worked well but made a huge amount that had to be stored. It also took quite a while to make and back then I had little children and a tiny laundry.

In the interests of my sanity and to save money, I decided to play around with the washing gel ingredients to make either a liquid or a powder. The powder was the easiest, fastest and cheapest. And I've been making and using it ever since.

Bear in mind that I have a tradie husband who comes home with his clothes covered in all manner of different stains and three kids who all play sports and are very active. And when I'm cooking or working in the garden I can get very dirty so I need a laundry powder that works. This one does.

It doesn't make lots of bubbles, a huge benefit because I can safely use it in my HE washing machine. It doesn't have an overwhelming fragrance, so it doesn't make me sneeze. And it doesn't have any other additives or fillers so it doesn't upset my allergies and it doesn't upset AJ's or Hannah's eczema.

Best of all it's cheap, really, really cheap. Under $2 makes enough washing powder to last me 90 loads of washing!

Combine my Cheapskates Washing Powder with my amazing stain removing soap and there's not many stains you won't be able to tackle successfully in the laundry.

Cheapskates Washing Powder

1 bar laundry soap (or 125g of soap slivers)
1 cup washing soda
1/2 cup borax

Using the zester side of a grater, grate the soap into a fine powder. You can also grate the washing powder using a food processor if you have one. Combine with the borax and washing soda. Store in waterproof container (this laundry powder needs to be kept dry, just like a commercial product).

To use add three level teaspoons of powder to a top loading washing machine. In a front loading machine use two teaspoons of powder.

That's it. Don't be tempted to add more, it's just a waste.

Points to remember:

*this powder doesn't bubble, you won't have suds
*the grey water from this powder can be safely used on lawns. As with all grey water, do not use it on fruit trees and vegetable gardens if you are going to eat the produce.
*it's safe to use your kitchen processor to grate the soap, after all you wash it in detergent, which is liquid soap, don't you?
*if you want to give the powder a boost add a small box of bicarb soda to the powder and stir it in.

Give it a go, all you have to lose is five minutes and around $2. If you don't like it, you can always keep looking for a cheap laundry powder that works.