23 July 2023

Saving Money, Time and Energy - The Week That Was 23rd July 2023

Well it has been nine months since I posted here. Does that give you a hint as to how life has been in the Armstrong household?

It has been beyond hectic. That's the best description I have and I'll leave it there. On the upside we have managed to stay within our budget! 

Gotta love living the Cheapskates way.

Now it's time to add updating the blog back into my schedule, so here goes.

We are still officially on holiday; I have another week before I go back to work and it has been tempting to zip over to The Cheapskates Club and work. Working makes me happy, it truly does. I love to be busy and always having something to do, but I have resisted and I *think* the break is doing me good.

So to recap last week's money, time and energy savings:

*We still continue to catch the shower warm up water and tip it into the washing machine.

*Boil the kettle once in the morning, have our cups of tea and coffee and then fill the thermos with the leftover boiled water for hot drinks through the day.

*Put three bunches of celery into the dehydrator.

Three bunches of celery for dehydrating

Sliced celery ready for the dehydrator

*Cooked all our meals from scratch using ingredients on hand.

*Picked silverbeet, rosemary and rhubarb from the garden.

*Dried the washing either outside in the sunshine or on the clotheshorse next to the fire.

Towels drying on the clothesline in winter sunshine

 *Only went out one day, and combined all errands to save on fuel.

*Wayne used a locked in price to put diesel in my car for me, saving 38 cents a litre, keeping $16.19 in the fuel budget.

*Shopped around and switched carriers for my phone, saving $23 a month.

*Bought 9 litres of milk marked down to $2.47/3 litre bottle, keeping $6.09 in the grocery budget.

*Used some of the milk to make 2 litres of yoghurt and 2 batches of cottage cheese.

*Gratefully accepted a gift of Moccona jars to use to store bulk herbs and spices.

Moccona jars for storing bulk herbs and spices

 *Used some leftover hot dog buns to make a bread and butter pudding.

*I am so grateful my friend Joy was able to get and bring to our card day two trays of 30 eggs for $8.50 each.

*Thomas brought me home some lemons he picked up off the ground that he found when he took Lace for a walk and told me about all the oranges, lemons and mandarins on the ground along the path so I went with him on the next walk and picked up a grocery bag of fallen fruit.

How have you saved money, time and energy this week?

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