12 December 2014

Easy Wrapping with Oven Bags

I love this tip. I've been using oven bags to wrap awkward gifts for more years than I really care to remember. I just use the generic bags, 10 to a box for around $2.80 for small to medium sized parcels. For larger parcels, buckets, small boxes and baskets I use the turkey bags - they are usually big enough to contain the gift and have a little over for taping or tying.

They always look great finished with a bow and some curling ribbon but even better they save a whole lot of time and gift wrapping angst.

"I have discovered oven bags for gift wrapping. I recently gave mugs with Minties and chocolates to teachers for Christmas. To buy cellophane by the sheet is a dollar or more. A generic brand of oven bags costs under $3 for a pack of 10. For a much cheaper price I was able to wrap the mug filled with goodies and tie it with curling ribbon. It was easier to put together than juggling four corners of cellophane and looks great. This would work well for any combination pack gift you want to put together. What about a bag full of baking goodies with a recipe! A selection of toiletries or stationery, bagged up and tied with inexpensive ribbon. Once you start, the possibilities are endless."
Contributed by Julie

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