24 July 2017

Baby it's cold outside, but our house is toasty warm

And so it should be, it is winter after all. But this last week has been really, really cold. Mornings have been frosty, the wind has howled and rain has fallen (for which I am very grateful, we need the rain).
So far this winter we haven't used the ducted gas heating once. Wayne hasn't even lit the pilot light, so we can't just run and turn it on.

The fire hasn't gone out, and the whole house is warm and toasty. Even on those frosty mornings the house has been warm, something we don't get when we use the ducted heating.

To help the house stay warm there are some simple things we've done:

*Close off the door to the bathroom. It doesn’t need to be heated during the day.

*Making sure the draft stoppers are against all three exterior doors.

*Keeping the kitchen, bedroom, laundry and bathroom windows opened just a crack, enough to let in
fresh air, but not enough to cause a breeze and chill the house.

*Baking! It's amazing how just cooking a couple of cakes or slices, or a roast dinner, can warm a room.
*Using the ceiling fans, in reverse, on low, to force hot air down and cool air up.

*Drying the washing on the clotheshorse next to the fire is helping to add humidity to the air, making it feel warmer. And it is saving on electricity - the dryer was put out on hard rubbish because it hasn't been used at all.

*Eating winter foods. Soups, stews, casseroles, pasta dishes, roast veggies, fruit cobblers and sponges, bread'n'butter puddings, custards all help to keep us warm.

*Hot chocolate is a standard warm up drink.
*Dressing for the weather, in layers, instead of dressing for fashion (although the two are not necessarily opposites). It may not be glamorous, but wearing leggings under jeans or trousers, and a singlet or spencer under your blouse and jumper will really help to keep you warm. Add some nice thick socks (I buy mine from Kmart, 3 pairs for $5 - they're great, with padded soles) and no one will ever know you're dressed for warmth. I wear leggings rather than tights because they don't stick to trouser legs like tights do, making them much more comfortable. And now you all know what a daggy dresser I am, but at least I'm warm :)

*Making sure we always have socks and slippers on our feet (the old adage "keep your feet warm and your head cool" to be comfortable is true).

*Using knee rugs and blankets of an evening to keep warm.

*Wheat bags to warm up beds, cold feet and hands and to snuggle with when it is really cold.

Anyone can do all or some of these things to help keep warm this winter.

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