03 April 2018


I have been absent from the blogging world for the last six weeks, due to a rather inconvenient health issue that has had me going almost stir crazy from boredom. No TV, no screen time, no reading (especially my Kindle), wearing sunglasses almost constantly and eye drops - lots and lots of eye drops.

After a visit to the specialist last week, I'm now allowed limited screen and reading time - thank goodness!

So this next week will be catch up on missing blog posts, I apologise in advance, because they will be LONG, but by the end of the week all should be caught up.

This is what we spent:

Groceries: $217.16
Petrol: $48.43
Chemist: 69.70
Doctors: $397.10
Magazines: $17
Easter: $27
Oven handle: $51.40

Spending, even on the necessities, has been limited, although the grocery budget did have more convenience groceries added to the list. It helps not being able to drive, and being housebound and so avoiding the shops.

Petrol spending was way down, due mainly to the fact I simply wasn't going out, and so not driving. I was able to shift $431.43 to the holiday fuel fund, giving it a healthy boost for our trip.

Easter was the most expensive ever for us this year. All our hot cross buns were bought - I usually bake them. I gave in and bought Easter eggs from Sweet As at Knox City because I just couldn't make them, and then filled the baskets with gold bunnies from Aldi. It was still a lot less expensive than some of the posts I've seen, but it sure put a dent in our special occasions budget.

An unexpected expense was the handle on the oven door. It snapped in half as I opened it one night. Thankfully we were able to source a new replacement (a miracle as far as I'm concerned for our 35 year old oven!) and Wayne was able to take the door apart and fit the new one. We have a spending plan category for household maintenance and repairs, and this expense came from that category.

With just six weeks until we leave on our trip, we'll be eating down the freezer and living solely off our stockpile, buying just milk for as long as I can (until the fruit and veg in the pantry and freezer run out). We may be eating some strange side dishes, but I'm sure we'll survive. My plan is to do a big shop the week before we leave to restock the freezer and pantry for the kids while we're away.

Total spent: 572.20
And moved to savings: $431.43

Remember, money isn't saved until it is safely in the bank. Until then it is just not spent - hence my "what we didn't spend" list and making sure I move money from the relevant categories into our savings accounts.


  1. Cath I am glad to hear that your eyesight is improving and I hope you are feeling better in general.

    As you have said sometimes other categories balance out some others as your petrol was lower but groceries higher than usual as well as gifts.

    Having convenience foods does help when you are sick and gets a family through most crisis's.


    1. Thank you :) It's not often I fall back on frozen or takeaway meals, so it balances out in the end. Mind you we did eat a lot of the freezer stash, so that will need to be built up again, but that's what it's for. And having a good stockpile of basic groceries was such a time saver, let alone money saver - the family could just shop at home instead of battling supermarkets.

  2. I wondered where you had gone, Cath. I hope you are recovering now. I have not been able to quite stay in our budget yet and it's bigger than yours! We seem to have lots of Dr or physio appointments and the like and just when it seems to be over the next round of swimming lessons are due for the kids!

    Take care,


    1. Baby steps Allie, one at a time. It took us a while to get our budget to where it is today, and I well remember those extra "bills" that come with children - we had music lessons, sport, art, youth club, all on top of the extras for school - felt like it was never ending for a while. Keep plugging away, and don't forget your budget isn't meant to be set in stone, it has to be flexible to cope with the changes life throws your way. Hope the doctor and physio appointments ease off - have you used your six ancilliary physio under Medicare? If you havne't speak to your doctor and make sure you get them.

  3. Dear Cath,

    Sorry to hear of your health issues. We dont realise how much we rely on our body to be healthy until something goes wrong. Its good to hear you are on the mend, but you definitely need your eyes for your important work, and your trip away.

    Its amazing the savings by staying home. I try and do this deliberately to save on petrol and groceries. I love counting how many no spend days I can achieve.

    I was a cheapskate over Easter. We stayed home and hubby helped our son to do some renovations to his house (replace lounge room ceiling), so I just pottered around here having a restful weekend. I bought three Easter eggs (one each for the grandies), that is all they need. I do not like the commercialism of Easter or Christmas.

    Crikey, that oven handle is expensive, but it is still cheaper than a new oven!

    Take care of yourself Cath,

    Love Tania xxx

    1. Thank you Tania. I jokingly told the doctor last week I was perfectly healthy until I turned 50, then everything started to fall apart :) I could quite happily become a hermit and never leave the yard, I love being home and pottering around, so I do sometimes have to force myself to go out.

      The new handle has made such an improvement to the oven. Wayne had to pull the door completely apart to swap them over, and when he put it back together he was able to realign it properly and now it seals completely without me having to help it, and heats up and cooks so much faster. I'm imagining the savings on the power bill already :)


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