07 February 2020

Happiness Homemade 7th February 2020

This week has been wonderful.

We had a little more rain which was very good for the garden, and then the days have been mild and sunny, such a relief after the heat in the 40s.

The medication kicked in, and combined with my home remedies and oils, my headache and cough eased and I could breath again. By Monday I was feeling almost 100%, certainly better than I had been for a few weeks, so I've been able to get things done.

This week I counted the tomatoes on the bushes - 306! That's a lot of tomatoes. Plenty to make sauce and dry, and to share with friends. Hopefully they'll ripen slowly over a few days so I will be able to pace the preserving - otherwise it will be a marathon! The eggplant are growing well and the orange tree has lots of little oranges on it.
Pellegrino's had strawberries cheap so some just found their way into the kitchen and they were used to make lovely strawberry jam. I added the strawberries from the freezer; they came from our strawberry patch. Altoghether they made 4 x 500g jars and 2 x 120g jars, so we're set for strawberry jam for the year. Of course it had to be sampled, so as soon as it was cool, the troops opened a jar and gave it a thumbs up.
I've almost caught up on the card a day challenge. None were made while I was sick, I just couldn't be bothered.
Instead I've been knitting dishcloths and crocheting scrubbies. Nine dishcloths and two scrubbies have been added to the present box and Hannah's glory box. The yarn was expensive $25, so they've cost about $2.30 each to make, not including the hour it takes to whip them up.
All our meals have been cooked from scratch using ingredients in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

I dried bread for breadcrumbs using crusts and stale bread saved in the freezer. Now the breadcrumb canister is full. This means the breadcrumbs were free - a saving of $2+ on buying them.
Petrol dropped down to $128.9/litre so I filled up my car, and Wayne filled up Hannah's car. Then it jumped up to $179.9/litre! 50 cents in a matter of minutes.

With being ill, and the Coronavirus in the news, our medical pantry has had a stocktake and I have a list of a few things to add to it, to rebuild it.

I found a crochet pattern for a very simply doyley. I've never made a doyley, so this is my task for the weekend: to crochet a doyley. I have the cotton and the hooks and the pattern was free. If it doesn't work, I can always undo it and use the cotton for another project.

This week has been a home week, and its' been good, with lots accomplished.

I hope you've had a happy week. How did you find happiness homemade this week?


  1. Hilogene in ArizonaFriday, February 14, 2020

    Hi, did you really mean $128 per liter of fuel? Yikes....that is $84 USD per liter and even at 4 gallons per liter, that would be close to $20 us a gallon. Unreal! We are paying $3 per gallon...

  2. In Australia, petrol prices are quoted as $128.9 - one dollar twenty-eight point nine cents per litre. I don't know why the decimal point is left out, its just the way it displays on the signage :)


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