23 August 2021


Here’s what my day looked like yesterday. I'm sharing because it was pretty much a normal sort of day around here, busy, but with plenty of time to rest, eat, drink copious cups of tea and knit. But things got done.

When the sun shines, I work outside. When it's raining or cold, I work inside. There is always something to do, I don't know how anyone can say they have nothing to do. Even if it's just get ready for the next meal, there is something to do.

My friend Annabel says "do the next thing". Now she's usually saying it as an encouragement when you're feeling low or tired or anxious. But it applies to every day, and every thing we do. Just do the next thing, and before you know it, things are done.

So yesterday may have been a go, go, go day, but things got done, next thing after next thing.

By the way, that quote "do the next thing" is from an old poem and credited to Elisabeth Elliot, a missionary who continued on with their work, after her husband was killed. When she wasn't sure she could carry on, when she didn't know what to do, she just did the next thing.

Yesterday went like this:

It's 10.30am and so far I've:

Loaded and run dishwasher

Two loads of laundry on the line, third almost finished

Baked 2 dozen cup cakes and 2 banana loaves

Put corned beef in slowcooker, veggies done and in pot for tea

Cleaned bathroom

Stripped our bed, need to remake - DONE

Still to do:

Ice cakes when cold - DONE mind you when I went to ice them a few cup cakes were missing, no big deal, it was morning tea time. Then No. 1 Son comes along and says "icing - if I knew there was going to be icing I would've waited". Cracked me up 🙂

What's left of the cup cakes after morning tea and the two banana loaves for the freezer

Washed two sets new sheets for boys' beds -  it is a beautiful day, warm, sunny, light breeze, a good washing day as my mum used to say so I'll get them done and into the linen cupboard and the old sheets will go to the sewing cupboard. - DONE and on the clothesline

Cake tins have been washed, dried and are in the oven for few minutes to completely dry- may as well make use of the residual heat.

Somewhere in there should be lunch - use up the leftovers in the fridge - DONE leftover leftover chicken sandwiches for Wayne and cheese on English muffin for me.

Cakes are all packed up and ready for the freezer. If we need to isolate, my crew will be looking for treats so I figure I can get a head start and if we don't, well lunches etc. are covered for a couple of weeks.

Sweep kitchen floor - DONE

Remake our bed and clean our bathroom - DONE

Feed the strawberries and fruit trees - DONE - we have 13 fruit trees and rhubarb and strawberries - loving our little backyard orchard.

Washing in, folded and put away or ironed and put away (only 4 things, doesn't really count as ironing).

Noticed my dressing gown looked grubby, so into a short wash it went. Now it's blowing around and around on the clothesline in the wind. It will dry in no time at this rate.

Wayne washed the Patrol and his work van, then AJ's car, so while he had the Karcher thingy out and going I asked him to wash the front windows for me - now they're sparkling again and another job off the spring cleaning list.

Pack up cards made yesterday (Saturday 21/8) and put into present box - DONE and into an envelope to send to the nursing home instead of the present box. I'll walk to the corner and post the parcel tomorrow.

Still to do:
finish emptying one of the old garden beds into two of the smaller new  garden beds

UPDATE: 4:15pm and I'm done! It's all done except for finishing the emptying of the soil because we have decided to move the boxes it was going into and turn them into a bigger strawberry bed. So that will be on the list for next weekend.

Now the only thing I am going to do other than dish up dinner, is make my to-do list for the week and knit.

That was pretty much my day yesterday. I finished a dishcloth, and started another one. We had dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, packing up another complete meal for the freezer (it was a huge piece of corned beef).

Then I sat and chatted to a friend on Messenger for a while, and toddled off to bed by 8:30pm because I was zonked.

If you're wondering if the things you do matter, if they add up, make a list. Do your own DITL. Even if no one else sees it, you'll see hard proof of your accomplishments. Even on the slowest of days, the hardest of days, you can do something. Do the next thing!

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