05 June 2022

The Week That Was 5/06/2022

This post covers two weeks, life has been busy!

The week that was 29/05/2022
What a week!

Lots of garden work done.

Keren called in for morning tea and it was lovely to sit and chat for an hour, and catch up. She brought me some beautiful silver spoons to make more birds nests, and some pretty crochet cotton in a gorgeous pink that will be perfect for a towel topper. Oh and a big bag of paper shreds that will be very, very handy.

Wayne and AJ were away for the weekend, so it was quiet, and Thomas and I are obviously the ones in the family that don't make a lot of mess ;)

Wayne took Friday off for an appointment that he wanted me to go to; that turned into an all day back and forth to various other appointments and by Friday night I was exhausted.

Really the week was pretty much same old, same old.

Catching shower warm up water for the washing machine.

Filling the thermos for cups of tea during the day.

Sticking to the One Month Pantry Test. We're eating so well that when Joy asked Wayne how we were going he told her he didn't even realise we were on a challenge!

I planted out the last of the garlic, just in time.

Planted more potatoes.

Kept an eye on fuel prices via the 7eleven app, and watching other apps for our area and Woolworths came in cheapest at $2.02/litre. I'm so glad it only took 32 litres - fuel is getting to the point of being a luxury item.

And the week that was 5/06/2022

This week has been crazy cold! I mean we had such a mild autumn and then bang! The cold hit with a vengeance. Mind you it is winter, and so it should be cold.

So we've kept the fire going to heat the house.

Because the fire has been going I've used the heat to dry the washing, on the clotheshorse next to it.

Stale bread crusts have been dried to make breadcrumbs.

I blanched and sliced celery and put it on top of the firebox to dehydrate.

Still boiling the kettle once in the morning and filling the thermos for cups of tea during the day.

Turning every power point off before bed - TVs, computers, microwave. The only powerpoints that are on all the time are the washing machine, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven and cooktop and only because they are too hard to get to, or I'd be turning them off when those things aren't being used.

On cold mornings I've been keeping the blinds and drapes closed to keep the house warm, and shutting the house up by about 4.45pm each day. It makes a big difference to how long the house stays warm.

Continue to close doors to rooms we don't use.

Used the 7eleven app to get diesel for 199.9c per litre.

Used the electric fry pan to roast veggies instead of the oven.

I stitched a belt loop back onto Wayne's work pants.

I knitted another dishcloth for the kitchen.

I did a bulk order of TVP and gluten flour and vacuum sealed it for the pantry.

We ate out of the pantry all week.

I made pancakes for morning teas.

I made a loaf of bread for toast.

I made focaccias for lunches.

Hannah came for the weekend and gave us all hair cuts.

I planted broccoli seeds.

I planted catnip between the garden beds. It will bring the bees in spring.

I planted lettuce.

The wind blew some of the covers off the cabbages and cauliflower plants, so I put them back and used soil along the edges to weigh them down.

What did you do to save money, time and energy this week?

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