25 September 2022

The Week That Was 25/09/2022

This Week I am grateful for:
*Friendship. A dear friend lost her fight with cancer on Sunday afternoon and I will miss her. She was generous to a fault and loved to push me to extremes until I was almost ready to scream. I’ll miss her boston bun for morning tea and her ideas for creating new cards, but most of all I'll miss her and the loving,bossy soul she was. She was a part of my life, and my family's lives, for over 12 years. RIP my friend.

Here's how we saved money, time and energy this week.
*Filled the thermos after the first cuppa each morning to save boiling the kettle through the day.
*Caught the shower and sink warm-up water and tipped it into the washing machine.
*Turned the heater off when the sun was out and opened the curtains wide on the north facing windows to let the sunshine in.
*Cooked a leg of lamb on Sunday and portioned it out to four meals, plus the bones for soup. This made it an affordable meal and kept the price under my $5 per meal meat budget.
*Potatoes were on sale for 50 cents/kg, the cheapest they have been for months here, so I bought 10 kilos and canned up 5kg. The other 5kg we will eat fresh over the next few weeks.
*Dehydrated four bunches of celery and the leaves. This gave enough celery for the next year for soups, stews, pies etc. The leaves get used for seasonings and to make celery salt.
*Made applesauce from cheap pink lady apples. These apples make the best sauce and pie filling, they are so naturally sweet that very little, if any, sugar or honey is needed for sweetening.

*When the water in the canner was cool, I used it to water the pot plants rather than pour it out.
*Used the apple peels to make apple powder for baking.
*Fed the worms with veggie and fruit peels.
*Used the 18c off deal to fill my car and three jerry cans with diesel (to meet the 150 litre limit).
*Mastered a new skill with the SNC and straight away put it to good use. This machine was a big investment but it has paid for itself almost twice over since we've had it.
*Replanted the plants that Lacey dug up - she just loves to dig in my garden!
*Dried the washing outside on nice days and on the clotheshorse on wet days.
*Put some orange slices in the dehydrator to use for Christmas gifts.


  1. Thanks for your post Cath. I always enjoy reading them. Can you tell me please what SNC stands for?

  2. Hi, SNC is the abbreviation for the Brother Scan'n'Cut, a tool I use a lot for crafting.

  3. Hi there Cath,

    Gee 50cent a kilo for potatoes, that's an incredibly cheap price! No wonder you stocked up. Your apple sauce looks great! I must make some more of that soon. I don't can it, I freeze instead. Great list of achievements for the week.

    Sorry to hear about your dear friend, cancer is a really cruel beast.
    Take care,
    Tania xxx

  4. Sorry for the loss of your friend Cath.

  5. Hi Cath will you be doing a tutorial on scan n cut gift ideas? I have one and have done a few things but would love to learn more ☺️ Gaila in the NW USA

  6. Sorry for the late reply Gaila, but yes I will be doing some more. I love the Brother Scan n Cut, it is such a versatile tool in my craft room - don't mean to sound like an ad! I use it for all sorts of things from cutting cardstock and paper, to cutting vinyl and even fabric for quilting and sewing. Scanning in DSP and then cutting it out instead of fussy cutting was the main reason we made the investment, but honestly I use it at least half a dozen times a week. I'll let everyone know when a new video is posted over on Cheapskates Chatter Facebook Group, if you're a member, you'll see the notifications. But I say just pick a project and use it - the more you use it the more fun you'll have and the more projects you'll be able to create :)


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