13 July 2007

I have a stalker!

In case you’ve missed it I’ve been in bed, ill, with the flu for over a week. Hmm. While I’ve been lying, quietly and meekly suffering on my own, the kids have been home from school on holidays.

School holidays at our house always includes extra kids, and that’s ok. They are all fantastic kids and can look after themselves reasonably well so they haven’t been any trouble. They even managed to leave some food in the pantry and freezer.

Anyway, it’s been over a week since I’ve been to the bank or the post office so I thought it time to get moving and do something useful. I gave mum a call and picked her up on the way past so I had someone to share the joys of the queues with (and maybe a two-for-one coffee after we’d finished).

As it turned out, Mum needed a few things from Aldi so we popped in on our way to the café. As we tootled around, me pushing the trolley and Mum picking up her bits and bobs I kept noticing a lovely, blonde lady walking past us. And every time she walked past she would look closely at us, smile and keep on walking.

Well seeing as I’m such a spring chicken and never forget a face I thought she had to be an acquaintance of Mum’s and that Mum hadn’t recognised her. She kept walking past and I kept on smiling and nodding as we tootled by.

Anyway, long story short we were standing in the queue (how come they put in extra long conveyor belts to speed up the checkout process but it still takes ages?). Sorry, I digress. Back to the story.

We were in the queue, waiting to unload and I commented to Mum on how according to my price book, the Ricies had gone up yet again and they were in a different box, when this lovely lady let out a shriek and nearly gave me a heart attack!

“It is you, it is you. I knew it was you. How are you?” She was almost jumping up and down on the spot she was so excited. I on the other hand was almost terrified out of my wits, my heart is still racing!

As it turns out Fran is a Cheapskates Club member and she recognised me from the old website and some TV segments. She just didn’t know how to approach me, so she kept walking past, trying to pluck up the courage to say hello.

I am SO glad she did. I love to meet fellow Cheapskates, even in Aldi on a cold, wet Friday morning. The three of us had a lovely chat in the queue once I realised she wasn’t going to attack me. :)

If you ever see me out and about please, please say hello. You don’t need to be shy, be proud that you’re a Cheapskate and remember you’re not alone.
Oh, and I am really, really glad that I washed my hair and put some make-up on before I went out, at least I looked a little better than I have lately.

I had to pick up some dry cleaning on the way home. I get the kids' blazers drycleaned twice a year, the rest of the time I sponge them and then steam them in the bathroom to freshen them up. Works a treat and saves me $11.90 twice a year.

While I was out I popped into Coles to pick up a few things I can't get at Aldi and there just happened to be a "throw out trolley" opposite the milk cabinet. I can't resist a throw out trolley so I had a lovely trawl through Ambi Pur thingos down to $5 (why waste your money? Spray some of your favourite essential oil onto cotton balls and hide them behind photo frames, in curtains etc to scent your home. Much cheaper.), Shrek toys (who needs them?), fancy jams, some hair colours and some little sandals.

Well the little sandals were very cute, pink with lilac flowers and blue with pink flowers so I gave in to temptation and bought them. They will be perfect for Lea-Anne's little girl next summer and best of all they were just 60 cents a pair! I couldn't go past that bargain, especially at a saving of $5.39 a pair. I bought three pairs of them in three different sizes and they'll be perfect for the sandpit and the beach.

All in all it's been a lovely afternoon. Coffee with Mum, I've met a "new" old friend and picked up a fantastic bargain to boot!

Now I'm off to make hamburgers for dinner. This week's menu plan has gone out the window but at least I'll have the ingredients on hand for another week.

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