09 July 2007

School holidays

Boy they come around fast! We are into week two of the holidays already and with the weather being so miserable, cold and wet (not complaining, very grateful for the wet so just commenting) we are all stuck inside.

Hannah has been well entertained and amused with trips to visit Grandma, movie outings with friends and visits from her girlfriends so I haven't heard and “I'm so bored” cries from her.

The boys on the other hand have had it very quiet so far with no outings or treats (AJ has been getting in plenty of study and Thomas is supposed to be studying).
So being the kind mother that I am I suggested they get some of their friends over.

I now have a houseful of teenage boys, all equipped with sleeping bags and laptops (boy kids have it good these days) all set to have a gaming marathon. The family room has mattresses on the floor and each mattress has a boy and a computer parked on it and they are playing away to their hearts content.

My challenge for the next couple of days is to feed an extra half dozen mouths without having to do a grocery run.

Lunch was easy. I pulled bread rolls out of the freezer and put them on the table along with butter (whipped it goes much further), jam, peanut butter and Marmite. I sliced a tomato, shaved some cheese (again it goes much further if it's shaved) and sliced up some of the leftover lamb from last night and put it all on a platter. I made up a batch of Magic Cordial (from Sue Dengate's recipe) and added a bottle of mineral water to it, some ice cubes and lemon slices to jazz it up. Under a $1 for 2 litres of fizzy drink.

Afternoon tea is my next challenge and I think it will be popcorn, mini muffins (from the freezer) and milk. I'll mix half and half fresh milk and powdered and the boys can make milkshakes if they want to as there are plenty of flavourings in the pantry.

Dinner will be vegetable pasta bake and garlic bread. I suggested salad to Thomas but he just looked horrified so I guess it will only be Wayne and I having salad.

The boys did ask I could please make hotcakes for breakfast and so I'll get the batter ready before I go to bed and then it will be quick and easy in the morning. I'll have to make up some more pancake syrup tonight so it will be ready to pour on the hotcakes in the morning.

Ok now I am organised and inspired I think I will go and make up a dip and some pita chips now and then I think meals and snacks will be covered.

If I can get them into bed as easily as I've worked out what to feed them I will be one happy mum.

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