01 April 2008

April Fools

Did you get caught with any April fool's pranks this year? I did, in a big way. My three not-so-little darlings (and that could be not-so-darling today) played the perfect trick on me. After years of living with worn out furniture in the family room we splashed out and bought a lovely, brand new loungesuite and it was delivered two weeks ago. Orders were issued re eating and drinking and the placing of feet on the new furniture and I had thought all was going well until I heard a quietly screeched "oh no" early this morning and flew out of bed only to see a cup of hot chocolate pooling nicely on the top of the sofa and three horrified faces staring at me.

That should have been the give-away, it's school holidays and there's no way known the boys would normally have been out of bed at 6.30am on a holiday. I behaved beautifully. In my typical cool, calm and collected manner I quietly suggested that someone might like to get a couple of towels and someone else may like to get a bucket of warm water and the dish detergent. Well I thought I had quietly and calmly made these suggestions until Wayne came racing out of the bathroom to see what was going on. The kids were rolling around laughing at me in my panic. Thank goodness they didn't have a video camera. The sight of me in my pj's having a panic attack at 6.30am would make for interesting viewing I'm sure.

Anyway they finally 'fessed up that they had made the whole mess out of pva glue and poster paint and that it was just a joke. I am positive that if I had been properly awake I would never have fallen for such a trick but they really did get a good laugh out of it. And now it's over I can see the funny side too.

Now to how they made the fake "mess":

Mix some pva glue with some brown poster paint until it's the colour of chocolate or coffee or tea. Then put a sheet of silicone paper on a flat tray, get an old coffee mug and pour the brown pva mixture around the cup, drizzle a little inside so it look's like it has tipped over and spilled. Put it somewhere safe for three days until it has dried. Carefully peel the paper off, and let it dry at least one more day. And now you have a very realistic looking accident to fool people with.