14 March 2008

How embarrassment!

I noticed earlier in the week that Kmart had a 25% off sale on clothing so I took a quick look through the wardrobes and decided that the men of the family - all three of them really needed reasonably decent going out clothes. I had a look through our local op shops and found some jumpers and a couple of really nice shirts for the boys (total spend $16.20 for two dress shirts and four jumpers/windcheaters) but I didn't find a thing for Wayne and unfortunately he's the one who really needs some good clothes.

So, yesterday afternoon, armed with a list of what he needs in what colour and size, off I went to Kmart to have a look. It felt a little odd looking at jumpers and long sleeved shirts and long pants when it was topping 40 degrees outside but I do like to get a bargain and I was on a mission. I looked and compared and picked things up to compare against other things and finally decided on a jumper (down to $9.95) a t-shirt for $5.95 and two pairs of pants for $13.95 each and off I went to pay for them. Imagine my embarrassment when I opened my purse to pull out the $50 note I knew was in there only to find that it had vanished! I had no cash on me apart from about $5 in change and I'd left the cards at home on the desk where I'd been working during the morning. I apologised profusely to the woman on the checkout and she very kindly said it happened all the time (just not to me!) and not to worry, she'd get someone to put the things back. And I left.

Panic set in, with me thinking I'd lot the $50. A quick phone call to Wayne sorted that out. Apparently he'd taken it as he left for work and had sung out to me that he was taking it. I was in the shower at the time. With the water running and the door shut. It appears my super human hearing just didn't work as he called out from the other end of the house.

By this time it was getting late so off to school I went, ready to pick up my three happy cherubs. Two were happy. One was definitely not happy and quickly lost her cherub ranking. Apparently I had overwritten her homework on the memory stick and when she went to do her presentation it was only a lot of my notes. I did point out that it was my memory stick and was she sure she had used that one? Yes, she was sure. All the way home she was sure. Absolutely positive she told me in between the tears and the growling. All the way home I apologised and offered to help her re-do it and write a note for her, telling myself off for not checking what was on the stick before I used it. All this in the confined space of my car for 25 minutes on a really hot day.

We were home less than five minutes when she came out all smiles, oops, it seems she had picked up the wrong memory stick after all. I was off the hook. She wanted her cherub ranking re-instated, after all it was just a little mistake. This mother isn't that kind, I didn't let her off the hook so easily. After an apology and a little talk about getting all the facts before accusing someone I did reinstate her cherub ranking. After all she makes a great cup of coffee and folds the washing as she takes it off the line. And she gives great kisses and hugs. I don't even have to ask for.

But sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I'd stayed single and childless.

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