01 March 2008

It's time to retire the sofas

Our family room sofas have had it. They've had a hard life but it's really time to retire them. Not only have they stood up to the daily abuse handed out by three boisterous children (and at times various other kids) for 15 years but they were second hand when they were given to us. The covers have been washed and dried and washed and dried until they are now so faded the pattern is a different colour and the fabric is so thin it has begun to split.

This time last year I lashed out and bought two of those loose throw over covers from Target during a sale simply because they were getting me down they looked so old and horrible. The covers have been an ok stop gap but they are loose and so they always look messy (can you tell my perfectionism is showing here) and I spend all day straightening them up and begging the kids not to sit on them. Not a nice way for any of us to live so I looked into getting them recovered and it's going to cost more than it will to buy two new sofas!

So the options are:
getting them reupholstered
putting up with the slip covers
buying a new loungesuite or two new sofas

Keeping the slip covers is the cheapest option, then new sofas then re-upholstering. The constant straightening up will drive me nuts so now that Essential Spending month is over (how did you go by the way?) we are off to look at new furniture tomorrow. Brand new furniture! Although I have a couple of outlets to look at so it may well end up being a brand new discontinued/seconds/cancelled order :) Either way we are looking for a good deal so I've been honing my haggling skills this week :)