27 February 2008

Today's bits and bobs

We didn’t tell Hannah what we'd done to her bedroom, just picked up one very tired girl and brought her home. She walked down the hall and went straight past her room without even a glance to tell the boys about her weekend. They were in on the surprise so in true brotherly fashion Tom told her to get away and have a shower because she smelled! I'm sure he was only trying to be helpful but obviously diplomacy is something he hasn't acquired yet. My little girl was not impressed, to say the very least, and stomped back down to her room. There was silence for a few seconds and then I was almost knocked over she flew at me so fast. Lots of hugs, kisses and thank you's later I just had to ask her if she liked it. Can you guess what she said? :)

It was the kid's swimming carnival today and normally it's an expensive day out because they buy their lunch from the pool kiosk. This morning I suggested that they take their lunch, snacks and drinks with them and I'd split the savings between then and put it into their bank accounts. They were all happy to do that and their bank balances have grown by $5 each. I was happy to do that because I'm sure it would have cost more than $5 each for the day.

Filled up with petrol on this morning, all figures dutifully recorded in the notebook. I was so annoyed with myself, I drove past one petrol station to go to my usual and when I put the nozzle in the hole I noticed that the fuel was 2c a litre more expensive. Same brand - Shell - just 2 kilometres further down the road. I mentioned it to the girl when I paid and let her know that next time if I get there and they are more expensive I will be turning around and going back to the other one.

I've noticed this happening with milk and bread too lately. We live about 2 minutes from a large Coles supermarket in one direction but it gets very busy so occasionally I'll go the other way, about 5 minutes drive, to another large Coles. Only difference is the second supermarket is always more expensive than the closer one. I noticed it with bread - 18c a loaf more expensive than the closer store, and with milk - 20c more expensive than the closer store. When I asked why the difference no one could tell me so I went to the Coles website and filled out a feedback form. I received an email to say that someone would call me but I'm still waiting. These two stores are only 3 kilometres apart so surely they're not going to tell me delivery charges are the reason!