01 February 2008

Essential Spending February

Way, way back in 2002 it struck me that for most of December and January all I did was spend. There was Christmas to cover, umpteen birthdays (we have 14 birthdays in December/January) and then to top it all off the back to school costs. Two solid months of money just leaping out of my purse and bank account. While it was all budgeted for it sure did make our bank balance look poor.

I put a challenge in the Newsletter to make February a month of essential spending only. I knew Cheapskates would rise to the challenge. That very first Essential Spending February Cheapskaters shared their successes and so February became our annual essential spending only month. Since then it's grown and grown and now it's time to take control of our spending and saving with the 2008 Essential Spending February.

I will admit to doing some shopping yesterday after I picked the kids up from school in anticipation of not shopping for the next 29 days (it's a leap year!). I found chocolate on sale and as coffee and chocolate are my indulgences I kinda stocked up on a few blocks. Luckily I still had some flutter money left.

For this year's challenge I am hoping to only have to buy fresh milk, fruit and veg and then pay the phone bill. All the others have been paid and there isn't anything else that we should need that can't be found at home. I hope. Anyway today is the first day and so far so good. No spending, either essential or non-essential :)

You can join the challenge here, the more who join in the bigger the savings will be so just jump in, we'd love to have you.

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