14 February 2008

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine's day!

We don’t do expensive Valentine's gifts at all, just something fun and a bit special so I surprised everyone with yummy pink pancakes this morning :) We had raspberry jam to have on them and Hannah took some of the leftovers to school to share at lunchtime. I also bought Wayne a packet of Chocolate Royals (they are his very favourite biscuit) and slipped them onto his bedside table as a surprise. I found a block of Lindt Coffee Intense under my pillow when I made the bed this morning. Neither gift was expensive, under $3 each, but worth so much more than that because we both thought about what the other really loved and went with that.

The kids were in stitches telling me about the school fundraiser. The Year 12 class were selling roses for $2.50 each to raise money for their end of year formal. Apparently kids were going crazy trying to decide who they'd buy a rose for or how many they'd need to buy. One group of girls cornered a poor, defenceless young man and demanded he buy them one each, which he did! Obviously he has more pocket money than my kids because not one of them bought one. As Hannah said, if she wanted to give anyone a rose she'd just take one from the garden because they are bigger and nicer than the ones from school and they're free.

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