01 November 2008

I've been on a shopping spree

Just after we were married my sister-in-law told me that I would need to replace all the linen every five years. Her theory was that sheets, towels, tea towels, tableclothes only lasted five years and then they had to be replaced. So, if the linen you were using was all wedding presents, then around your fifth anniversary you'd be up for replacing your entire linen cupboard and that could be expensive.

Well we've been married almost 20 years - how time flies - and I am just now coming to the stage where I need to replace sheets, towels and tea towels. With this in mind Mum and I went on a little shopping spree to refill my linen cupboard yesterday.

Towels were the most important thing on my list. I had made bathmats and hand towels from some of the older ones so the supply of towels for the bathroom was sadly depleted. We went to The Towel Shop, a fantastic outlet in Bayswater and I had so much fun choosing colours (colour schemes have changed somewhat in 20 years!) and sizes.

I bought four new bath sheets for just $5 each (RRP $19.95 each) and another four bath towels for $5 each (RRP $14.95 each) along with 4 new bathmats for just $3 each (RRP $11.95 each) and 20 face washers for just 50 cents each. Face washers make great cleaning clothes so I now have five burgundy for the bathrooms and five navy blue for spills and floors. The other ten are for us to use. All up I spent just $60 with a saving of at least $135.40 (I have no idea what the RRP of the face washers is). Now the linen cupboard is full again, everyone is happy with nice new towels to dry off with and I am pretty sure I won't need to buy new towels again for a good few years.

Oops, nearly forgot to tell you where this great outlet is. You'll find The Towel Shop at Factory 12, 52 Corporate Boulevard, Bayswater. Corporate Boulevard runs off Dorset Rd, just down from the Mountain Highway intersection. It's a fairly new estate so it may not be in your street directory.

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  1. What a great idea for Christmas presents too. I just went to Google Maps to get directions from my place to the outlet. Thanks for this great tip!!


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