28 October 2008

Success at last

If you heard rumbling this morning it wasn't thunder or an earthquake, it was me doing a happy dance around the house! I finally managed to get the newsletter to do what it is supposed to do (or at least what I want it to do) and get it sent out. I really miss sending the newsletter, it has become a part of my weekly routine. It's amazing how something so simple as getting an email to actually go can change your whole outlook.

It's amazing just how satisfying getting what you want can be. I can tell you I have not been happy these last few days while we were trying to fix the newsletter. I don't mind having to do something a couple of times to get it right but over and over and over becomes tedious and frustrating. And then, out of the blue, everything just falls into place and all's right with the world.

It's a bit like saving. Getting that first thousand dollars tucked away seems to take forever, the deposits are slow to add up, you are tempted to give up it's taking so long and then one day you've reached your first thousand. The trick is to keep plugging on. Don't give up. Everyone experiences set backs now and then. The winners pick themselves up and keep on going because I can tell you from experience that before you really know it you'll have two, three, four even five thousand dollars safely saved. And that is satisfying.

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