13 October 2008

This morning I had to be in the city, at Docklands, by 7.45am for this mornings Sunrise segment. This meant an extra early start for me and the kids, who very kindly woke and dressed without a grumble so we could leave home by 6.30am. Yes, it takes at least an hour, oftentimes longer, to get from home to Docklands in the morning peak hour , and me being me, I like to have a little spare time up my sleeve in case of hold-ups. We had such a good run in this morning I was signing in at Channel 7 by 7.25am. I was grateful, the few extra minutes gave me time to catch my breath before the segment started.

Another reason I wanted to leave a little earlier is that AJ was driving. He's only a few weeks off getting his licence and it suddenly hit me that he has had lots of driving on residential streets and main roads and plenty of highway driving time but he had never actually driven in the city during peak hour. I apologise to anyone who was behind us this morning but he did a great job and wasn't at all concerned about the huge amount of traffic around him or all the stop/start driving, even the trams didn't seem to bother him. He also managed a couple of square turns without blinking an eye too, I am very proud of him.

We have been drumming into him the 'drive to conserve fuel' routine - you know the smooth take offs and braking, keeping the revs under2,000, watching the traffic ahead and anticipating, driving at a consistent speed because I noticed the petrol bill creeping up once he started driving. It seems to have made a difference. He drives to and from school and trains and anywhere else he can and I haven't increased the petrol money and we haven't run out so I'm hoping the habits will stick once he's in his own car (and paying for his own fuel will help with that I'm sure).

There are a couple of apples going wrinkly in the fruit bowl that need using up. Because the kids had to get up so early I am going to make them apple fritters for afternoon tea, as a thank you for being so tolerant of their mother and her work and just because they are great kids and I really love them to bits and like to spoil them. They are really easy to make but if you want to have the best apple fritters you need to make the batter a couple of hours beforehand to give it time to rest.

~Apple Fritters~

2 cups self rising flour
3 tablespoons sugar
2 eggs, well beaten
1 cup milk
2 cups tart apples, chopped (I use whatever apples are in the fruit bowl but Granny Smiths are the best if you are a purist)

Whisk flour and sugar together. Beat eggs and milk together until light and fluffy, gradually add to the dry ingredients, mixing well to avoid lumps. Refrigerate batter for about 2 hours. Stir in the apples. Drop tablespoonfuls into hot oil and fry until golden brown. Roll in icing sugar or a sugar/cinnamon combination. Yum!

It's an odd day here today. Quite warm but looking out the window it could be the middle of winter. It's so grey, not a patch of blue sky to be seen and no sunshine at all. It's also very window, I had to go through the house and close the windows when I came home, the blinds and curtains were blowing all over. I've put the washing out, Hannah decided last night that she wanted to take the jeans she was wearing on her camp tomorrow so I put the washing through last night and hung it out early this morning. Now I am just watching the weather, they'll be dry soon and I don't want it to rain on them, although the rain would be a blessing.

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