13 August 2010

Be a Label Reader

Reading the product label is the best way to find out more than what is advertised on the box. Ingredients are listed in order by the quantity actually used when making the product. The ingredients used in the highest quantity are listed first. For example, if you are looking for avocado dip you will want to see avocadoes listed in the first part of the ingredient list, not the last part.  Reading the ingredients list gives you a good idea of what you need to make that particular food item yourself too. Remember, if you are cooking and consuming at home, you don't need to fill up with preservatives and artificial food colours. If you are looking to cut fat from your diet, be careful of words such as "lite" or "fat-free" which can have broad definitions. By reading the label you can get a better idea of what the fat-to-calorie ratio is as well as other valuable nutritional information.

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