19 June 2016

The Week that Was

I'm playing catch up - again!

Life gets so busy around here, some days I wonder where the day has gone as I climb into bed.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been busy organising care for my mother. For those who have done this, you'll understand just how time consuming and difficult it can be, trying to find somewhere we feel comfortable caring for  a loved one. I'm still looking - and it's not that I'm being fussy (I am) but that there aren't a lot of vacancies at the moment. Right now we're taking each day as it comes and praying for guidance and a solution that works for Mum.

We've also had the fire going non-stop burning firewood we've collected. This means we're not using the ducted heating unless it has been very cold and this should give me a credit in the gas category at the end of winter.

We’ve all collected the water from showers and the kitchen sink to use in the washing machine. I also tipped the water from the water dispenser into the washing machine (we used it on Saturday for cards).

We've eaten home cooked, from scratch meals using ingredients from the fridge, freezer and stockpile.

Re-purposed a toothbrush holder into a vase for our bathroom. It's perfect - the holes make the ideal "frog" for holding the stems in place.

Bought petrol from Woolworths using Hannah's Rewards discount - it was 4 cents a litre cheaper than anywhere else locally - and then I realised it had been three weeks since I'd put petrol in my car. What a difference staying home and planning trips makes.

Spent $12 at the op shop on a new, tags still on, black overcoat for me.

Used my spending money to buy three tapestry canvases, again from the op shop, for $25 for the three. I know these canvasses retail for $85 each; I've never been able to justify buying them before. Now to get Wayne to put my frame together and I'll have my winter evenings full of stitching. Saving: $220 (or at least $220 I didn't spend). I have plenty of wools, cottons and silks to work them. Now to plan them and start stitching.

Hosted our card making group and learned how to make easel cards and shabby chic cards. Cost: materials from my craft stash. It was a lovely afternoon and my card box has increased by eight new cards.

Made a double batch of MOO Taco Seasoning.

Made six dozen sausage rolls, cost $9 or 13 cents each.

Made three dozen mini quiche, cost $4.25 or 12 cents each.

Used the slow cooker to make a big pot of minestrone using pasta and sad veggies from the fridge; made pumpkin soup and beef and vegetable soup. What we haven't eaten has been frozen.

Fed the worm farm with veggie peelings from the kitchen.

Picked lettuce and capsicums from the garden.

Picked oranges, grapefruit and mandarins off the fruit trees.  Waiting for the lemons and limes to ripen.

Opened the curtains on sunny days to warm the lounge room, and made sure the blinds and drapes are closed by 5pm to keep the night cold out.

What have you been doing to save money, time and energy?

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