13 February 2017

Handmade Christmas Week 7

It's not that I haven't been working Christmas the last couple of weeks, I have. I've also been super busy getting Mum organised and settled and working with my brother to make the wisest choices for her ongoing care, and that has been exhausting.

I rescued some boxes from the kitchen and a brown paper shopping bag to be made over into gift wrapping. I also saved the ribbon and bow from a beautiful gift I was given. They're gold, and we all know gold can be used for any occasion so recycling them into "new" embellishments make sense.
And I have friends saving me the plastic containers that nappy/laundry soaker comes in. They are perfect for holding  Cheapskates Washing Powder. Most of the brands come in white containers with peel-off labels. I've made my own labels, one with the name of the product and one with the recipe that I'll stick on the opposite side.

While I was in a creative mood I've made some jam labels too. Sticking with the French provincial theme, they're black on white in a pretty cursive font. I'm using labels I bought at a $2 shop and they seem to be sticking to jars without a problem.
The figs are finally ripe so while it was cooler on Friday Hannah and I made some fig jam. My uncle loves it, and I always put it in his hamper, and another friend tried it last year for the first time and keeps asking for more so it's going in his hamper too.

Two dishcloths have been added to the present box and I've started a baby blanket, using wool from Mum's stash. It's a simple square in white, pink, lemon, blue and mauve.
I posted a link to a video that shows how to make very cute Barbie clothes and shoes (those little shoes are so cute, and super easy to make). I don't have any little girls to make them for, although I'm thinking I may just get out my scrap box and make some anyway. Here's the video

How are you going with your handmade Christmas? 

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