19 February 2017

The Week that Was 19th February 2017

A short week this week as far as home tasks went anyway.

I was up at 4am Wednesday morning to fly to Perth for the start of the Aldi workshops. That was a very long day!

Before I left the men in the family home alone (I'll admit to being nervous, Hannah is usually here to supervise) I made sure the house was clean and tidy and that there were meals ready to just be heated so they wouldn't be tempted to buy take away.

The meal plan was adapted and Tuesday afternoon I made spag bol, curried chicken, pizza bases and sauce, a batch of Haystacks and meat pies. While I was doing that I had dough in the bread maker and made two loaves of bread that was sliced and frozen. Tom printed the "mini meal plan" and stuck it on the fridge so whoever was home first would know what to get for dinner.

There were no leftovers and no complaints when I arrived home this afternoon, and the kitchen was clean and tidy too, so all good.

At the last minute Hannah decided to come with me and I appreciated the company but what I really appreciated was her skill as a navigator, getting us around Perth and down to Mandurah, and we didn't get lost once! Picking up the hire car I just asked if there was a cheaper car available, as there wasn't when I booked. Yes! Saved $7.50 a day, $22.50 in total just for asking a quick question.

I do as much as I can to keep the cost of workshops down, and part of that is meals while I'm away from home.  We took snacks and breakfasts with us, and plates and cups. Once we landed we were able to get disposable cutlery and ingredients for our lunches and teas. I think we ate for the entire trip for less than two take-away or café meals, and we weren't eating junk.

What did you do to save money, time and energy this week?

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