17 March 2017

Cath's Meal Plan 19/03 - 25/03/2017

This week we will be eating:

Roast Chicken

Meatloaf, salad

Chicken Alfredo

Shepherds Pie, carrot,peas, corn

MOO Pizza



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  1. Great blog! Our meals for 19.3.2017-26.3.2017 made fro 1 whole chook and 500g beef mince will be Roast Chicken & Veg, Paleo Swedish Meatballs (2nights), Butter Chicken (2nights), Chicken Burritos, Homemade Pizza! Plus I will be able to also get 4 x chicken salads to take to work from the roast chook leftovers. Total grocery spend was $90 for food and all household items from the supermarket for myself and 1 growing preteen!

    1. Sounds great! We love Swedish meatballs, although I think it's the cream sauce and lignon jelly we really like. I remember well trying to fill hungry tummies, especially during growth spurts. Our boys always seemed to be growing, I'd tease them that they had holes in the bottom of their feet and the food just went straight through.

  2. where are the recipes please?

    1. If there is a recipe it will be in the appropriate Recipe File in the Member's Centre. You can check what's in each category here: http://www.cheapskatesclub.net/recipe-file.html


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