06 March 2017

The Week that Was 5th March 2017

Made a batch of Miracle Spray.

Made four loaves of bread this week.
Cooked all our meals from scratch, using ingredients on hand.

Mended the lining of my favourite handbag, where it had torn down the side.

Took the hem up on a pair of trousers for Mum.

Dried the washing on the line and carefully folded it as it came off to reduce ironing (not my favourite household task).

Cut the buttons off some of Wayne's old work shirts before tearing them into rags for the shed.

Gratefully accepted rhubarb from a friend and made a crumble for dessert - lasted three nights.

Spent a lovely day with Pamela making cards. We were super productive with 50 cards between us!

Kept the house shut during the heat of the day and used fans to circulate the air instead of using the air con. Opened the windows and doors wide overnight to let the cool air in.

Learned the hard way that gardens need water! I usually water in the early morning, around 6am. This week it has been a bit dark and of course I would get busy and forget to go and do the watering. The plants in post were looking very sad. Glad to say they've revived with a little regular watering.

Used a discount voucher to fill my car with petrol.

Picked lots of lovely tomatoes and zucchini from the garden.

What did you do to save money, time and energy last week?

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