03 September 2017

The Week that Was 3rd September 2017

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MOO Blackberry Jam
Made a batch of blackberry jam using frozen berries a friend gave me. Yum! I've been having blackberry jam on toast for breakfast this week.

Kept the fire going on Sunday and Monday and dried the washing on the clotheshorses.

Dried washing on the clothesline Thursday and Friday, using the wind and sun, and dodging rain showers.

Ate leftovers for tea two nights, free food we were given, and it was delicious. I moved $10 to the grocery slush fund.

Gratefully received some sliced bread sticks, left from a dinner we went to, and made garlic and herb bread. We had some with our dinners during the week, the rest is in the freezer for other meals or snacks.

Opened the windows and doors for a couple of hours on Thursday and Friday, to let the sun and wind freshen the house.

Made a batch of Shake'n'Bake to use up cracker crumbs and cereal crumbs I've been saving in the freezer.

Used wheat biscuits crumbs instead of biscuit crumbs to make a No Bake Lemon Slice. I had wheat biscuits, I didn't have any plain biscuits; it turned out just as nice as the one made with biscuit crumbs.

Gratefully received some craft materials from a friend who no longer uses them. I've been busy sorting to make sure I'm not doubling up. Put aside the "doubles" for the card ladies to go through on card day.

Sold a set of Christmas cards and put $12 into the grocery slush fund.

Went through my shed to find paint for my washing table. Waited until Friday, when it was sunny and warm, and then painted the table. This table was a hard rubbish find about 15 years ago and I love it, so I try to keep it spic'n'span. I found two cans of the same white spray paint, just enough to give the table two coats of paint, so this was a no cost renovation and it cleared some leftover paint from the shed.

What did you do to save money, time and energy this week?

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