03 August 2018

Use it Up - Day 2

Please forgive the terrible photo, I took it in a hurry this morning. I'll reshoot it later, for a better view of the Use It Up cards!
Yesterday I used up more scrapbooking paper, and managed to get cards and matching envelopes made. Each card also has a matching gift tag in the bag.

There was a little paper left from each set, so I very quickly turned those bits into laminated bookmarks.

So, 10 full sheets of DSP used, 11 scraps of Christmas DSP, some little bits from the scrap box and three A4 laminating sheets for the bookmarks.

The stash is slowly, slowly disappearing.

What did you use up yesterday?


  1. I have been using up scrapbooking papers to make cards too. There are so many lovely and easy ideas on Pinterest. Yours look great 🙂

    1. Thank you Amanda - I'm loving that one sheet makes a card, envelope, bookmark and gift tag and that there are no scraps. It's those leftover scraps that I put aside to use later that cause a problem - later never comes! I've been making little Father's Day cards for a friend's school this week, another fantastic way to use up scraps of not just paper but embellishments too. Slowly, slowly that stash is disappearing.


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