26 October 2018


It's Friday already. This week has flown by, and yet every morning when I've woken up, I've wished it was the weekend.

Not sleeping well really throws my energy levels out, and then I feel like I work all day and get nothing done, and that's disheartening.

So this morning, while I was drinking my coffee (yes, I've given in and am having one cup of coffee a day) I thought I'd make a list to see just what I've accomplished this week. Looking back, I'm stunned, because it sure doesn't feel like I've done all these things.

  • Daily routines have been completed every day.
  • All our meals have been cooked from scratch.
  • Made a triple batch of Miracle Spray (it's red again).
  • Refilled the vinegar decanter.
  • Topped up all the canisters in the pantry. While I was doing this, I emptied each shelf and wiped it over. I did this a couple of weeks ago, but it doesn't take long for it to get messy if I'm not vigilant in making sure everything is put back properly.
  • Took a bundle of text books to the op shop.
  • Knitted four dishcloths for the Crafy Mums Christmas Garage Sale.
  • Completed calendars for the Crafty Mums Christmas Garage Sale.
  • Made a batch of yoghurt.
  • Made a quadruple batch of MOO Condensed Milk and froze it, ready for Christmas baking.
  • Made a batch of fruit cup cakes.
  • Spent half a day with Wendy, packing pamper packs for the charity hampers and making cards.
  • Visited Mum twice.
  • Researched natural pain relief and made a tincture that will hopefully help with the pain in my feet, which in turn should help with my sleeping issues.
  • Watched Pine Gap on iview while I was knitting - much better than I thought it would be, it has held my interest this week.
  • Pottered around in the garden, picking strawberries and getting another two beds ready for planting.
  • Sprinkled herb seeds around the potted fruit trees. If they grow the plants will fill the gaps and make mowing easier. And I'll have sweet basil and dill to pick fresh from the garden.
  • Sowed more lettuce seeds and the first lot of radish seeds. I'm the only one who likes radishes, but I use them in coleslaw so I succession plant a row every couple of weeks.
  • Picked oranges for the fruit bowl.
  • And of course worked on the Cheapskates Club, especially the Own Your Christmas Challenge and the newsletters for the next few weeks.
I think where I went astray was in thinking I hadn't done anything major this week. I haven't, or at least not one big job.

Looking back, it was lots of little things that made up the week, so when I told Wayne I was just puddling around, I was. But I was puddling around getting things done!

Do you ever have days or weeks when you feel like you've accomplished nothing? Do you make a list of what you've done, just so you'll know?

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