22 October 2018

We've Eaten Down the Freezer

And now it's time to restock, so this morning I hit Australian Butcher in Boronia and bought some meat.

I spent $110.65 and bought enough meat for 24 meals, bringing the meat per meal cost down to just  $4.61 or 92 cents per serve. That's below my limit of $5 per meal so I'm really happy, especially as there are three meals of steak in that cost.

 $110.65 for 24 meals!

I bought sausages, mince, chicken fillets, chicken breast schnitzels (they were marked down) and steak. Yes, real steak. Wayne and the boys will be thrilled. We rarely eat steak, simply because it's expensive and rarely on a good enough sale to fit within my $5 per meal average meat cost.

As soon as Tom carried it all in from the car, I portioned it out and packed and vacuum sealed it, then it was straight into the freezer.

All packed into meals, ready for the freezer

With the three roasts and two silversides that were left in the freezers, there is enough meat and chicken for around six weeks (we don't have meat every night).

And that will take me into December, and I'll be ready to do the final meat shop for the year.

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