22 November 2018

Family Business

We have a saying in our family, "Family business".

In our family, family business covers the why of the choices we make (not necessarily the actual choices) and the things we do. It covers our family life and how we live it. It covers our personal finances and how we use our money.

When something is classed as family business, we don't share it. We don't discuss it outside of the family. And I don't blog about it, or use it  in newsletters or on the Cheapskates Club website. Family business stays in the family.

Family business is personal and private. It doesn't concern anyone but our family of five.

So, when I get emails asking me to share family business, I don't, because the answer doesn't just concern me. It concerns my husband and our three children (even though they are all now adults). And they don't want or need to share their lives with strangers.

Before I ever share any of our family business, such as our spending plan or the stockpile or our retirement plans and goals with you, I always run it by Wayne, and if it involves the kids, I run it past them too.

So I can share our spending plan but I don't share the details of our income.

I share our plans for the future, and how we are planning and aiming for early retirement (we're aiming for three years from now for Wayne) without sharing the fine details.

I share some of our homelife and how we live, but not all of it.

It's not that I have anything to hide. It's just that some things just aren't for public consumption. I very carefully guard what I share because I'm a naturally private person and quite frankly putting about a lot of personal and private information isn't wise or safe.

And so when I say I do this or that, I do, I just don't share details if it's family business.

To the curious, it may seem selfish; it's not. It's keeping my family happy and safe; keeping our home happy and safe so family and friends we do share it with, know that it is a safe place for them. That what is said within its walls is private and personal and not shared by me here, on the website or *shuddering* Facebook.

Don't let this stop you being curious. Don't let it stop you asking questions. I'll share what I can, when I can. I'll answer questions truthfully when it is appropriate.

I'll never stop encouraging you to aim for a debt free lifestyle. I'll never stop encouraging you to aim for a cashed up lifestyle.

I want you to know the joy of living debt free, cashed up and laughing, like I do.

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