13 September 2020

Gathering Up The Fragments 13th September 2020

I forgot to keep that list again this week, but looking around, there aren't too many fragments. That means hardly any "bits" in the fridge, and that means less in the garbage.

This week has been more about dehydrating as much as I could get through to have more shelf-stable food coming into summer. The aim is to be less reliant on the freezer for long-term food storage. 

More peas/corn/carrot mix was dehydrated, vac sealed in jars and stored in the pantry.

Stale bread was turned into garlic croutons and sprinkled on top of macaroni instead of breadcrumbs - it was really good and the bread wasn't wasted. I could have made breadcrumbs, but the jar is still almost full.

I grated some soap slivers and added them to the washing powder.

Little scraps of quilting fabric were cut into squares and made into jar openers.

A stray skein of cotton yarn was crocheted into a doyley for Hannah.

Homemade potting soil (a mixture of garden soil, compost and rotted manure) was used to fill pots for summer seedlings. 

The first potato salad of the season was made and devoured. Leftovers, about half a cup, were put into the fridge and eaten for lunch the next day.

Eggshells were rinsed and dried, then ground to make more calcium powder for the veggie garden. I saw on a You Tube video that you can dig eggs straight into the garden and plant on top of them. If I ever end up with rotten eggs that's what I'll be doing. Tomatoes especially love and need calcium, it stops blossom end rot, giving more fruit per bush.

How did you go with gathering the fragments this week?


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