01 September 2020

Gathering Up The Fragments 30th August 2020


Yes, I know this post is two days late. That may give you a hint of what's been happening around here. I've been busy.

Busy gathering up the fragments so nothing is wasted.

Busy planting seeds that will grow into plants that will feed us over the summer and into next winter. 

Busy adding more fruit trees to our tiny backyard orchard.

Busy making masks and sending them out for orders. 

Busy keeping my family sane and happy when they can't live their usual very active social lives. Even me, who loves being home, is finding the enforced staying at home a tad dreary now. The end of lockdown and easing of restrictions can't come too soon, for our personal health and happiness, and our state's. 

Throw in a little fall down the back steps,  a crazy wind storm, needing to boil water for three days and by Sunday night I was zonked. Completely exhausted. Over-tired to the point of wanting to hide in my bedroom and never. come. out.

All the while feeling guilty because I started this challenge to post about gathering and using up little bits, and within a couple of weeks ignored it. 

But all is well now. We don't need to boil water anymore. To everyone who questioned why we'd need water purification tablets when we live in a modern, civilised, western, capital city all I can say is they came in handy and what we used has been ordered to restock the first aid pantry.

So, back to fragments. 

I made two huge lasagnes and had leftover bechamel sauce. Half was added to cooked macaroni and chopped parsley and made into mock fish. The other half I thinned with a little stock and used as a sauce over the veggies for dinner one night.

Two English muffins lurking in the freezer became cheesy garlic muffins to go with dinner. 

A mayo bottle was swished with a little milk to dress coleslaw made with leftover cabbage and carrot.

Bread bags were turned inside out, wiped over and put on the sink to dry. Same thing to the two bags the TVP order came in. When they were dry they were folded up and put in the drawer.

The cereal liner from the Sultana Bran was carefully opened, wiped over and then cut in half. These bigger pieces make great liners for the no bake slice trays. Best thing is they can be washed and reused.

Empty toilet rolls were filled with seed raising mix and lettuce seeds were planted. 

The used coffee pods were opened and the coffee grounds added to the compost pile. 

Egg shells were rinsed and dried, then ground into powder. This is amazing for tomatoes - the calcium from the ground eggshells makes for very healthy, happy tomato plants and helps stop blossom end rot.

The stalks and smaller leaves from the broccoli plants have been sliced and frozen. These are so good in stir-fry dishes, or casseroles or soups. Or whizz them and add to pasta sauce. Or dry, powder and add to smoothies or gravy.

I didn't keep that list I mentioned - I really need to do that. I'm sure there are other little bits that have been used up during the week that I've forgotten about. 

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