26 September 2021

Gathering the Fragments 26/9/2021

This week started cold and wet! Not a lot was done, a migraine put a stop to me being too active for most of the week.

Washing was dried on the clotheshorses.

Caught the shower warm up water and tipped it into the washing machine.

Made 30 small fruit cakes for the cake tin.

Stuck to the TEOTWAWKI pantry challenge, making a loaf of bread and using up rolls and wraps from the freezer.

Used sausage mince to make patties for sausage breakfast muffins in bulk.

Chicken fillets were $4.99/kg at Australian Butcher so 4kg was canned as ugly chicken.

Chicken fillets were $4.99/kg at Australian Butcher so 4kg was canned as ugly chicken.

Ordered some stocking stuffers online as they were on sale and the estimated day we can get back to in-store shopping is 5th November. I can only imagine the chaos in the stores from then until Christmas.

Soaked the fruit and made one Christmas cake, wrapped it and put it away. 

Shredded the cardboard boxes from some deliveries and used it as the base for the fourth veggie bed.

Wayne's work jumper had a small hole in it, so I found some medici wool (very fine wool used for embroidery and tapestry) and darned it, then used a dark blue Sharpie to go over it to colour match to the jumper. Even AJ couldn't find the darn and he watched me do it! Jumper is now good to wear and we keep $70 in our pocket (yes, they are that much to buy!).

The weekend was forecast to be cold so a big pot of soup went into the pressure cooker, and it was so good!

Friday was a baking day.

And we survived the earthquake!

What a week we had.

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  1. The challenge turned out to be fun, thanks for the push! Would you be willing to share your friend Petra's blog? I enjoy reading from people around the world. I just started watching your videos on you tube a few months ago and am also enjoying catching up on the blog. Thanks for all you put out there!


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