29 April 2007

Sunday savings

*Hung the washing over the clotheshorses because believe it or not it's actually raining. Water is falling out of the sky. Hooray!

*Unexpected visitors for lunch so added some TVP to the curry and made a batch of cheese muffins to stretch it. Very pleased with this, the curry was leftovers from the freezer. Just what we needed for a wet, cloudy Melbourne Sunday.

*While I was on a muffin making roll I made it a double batch to freeze for lunches and whipped up a lemon meringue pie for dessert. I found a few frozen lemon juice ice cubes while I was digging in the freezer for the curry. Wayne loves lemon meringue so he's happy too.

*After our guests left I tackled the pile of mending. What do boys do that they rip the seat of their pants so often? All easy thank goodness. Trousers mended, ironed and back in the cupboards waiting to be worn.

*The house is feeling a little chilly so I put on a jumper and pair of socks instead of turning on the heater. It would have been easy to flick the thermostat but it's much cheaper to put on warmer clothes.

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