23 April 2007

Window washing wonder

Well I gave in this morning and washed the windows! We have major roadwork happening in our area and the dust in incredible.

I've been staring at dirty, dusty windows for weeks and today it finally got to me. I had to clean those windows and without using the hose or a lot of water.

So armed with a 4 litre ice-cream container filled with hot water and a splash of vinegar, the banister brush and the squeegee from the bathroom and off I went.

We have a lot of windows in our house and I wasn't sure I'd get through them all with just the one container. I was wrong. My method of dipping the banister brush in the water, scrubbing the window then using the squeegee to clean it off worked like a charm.

I managed to wash the two kitchen windows, two laundry windows, the three in the meals area, the three in the dining room and the huge lounge room window as well and the windows in the front bedroom with just one 4 litre container of water.

When I was finished the water went onto the garden - every little drop helps these days.

My windows are sparkling, the sun is shining through them and theirs not a dust spot or streak in sight. Boy am I happy.

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