26 July 2009

Tip of the Day 26 July 2009

Cuttings Turn into a Beautiful Friendship Garden

I can't even imagine how much money I have saved over the years in establishing (and expanding) my garden! We built a small house on a rural block just over 9 years ago. Obviously, it was just a barren paddock when we began. I now have a garden that I am extremely proud of and the entire garden has been grown without spending a cent!! That's my rule! Everything in my garden either grows from cuttings or bulbs given to me by friends and family. Sure, you have to wait longer for the plants to become established, but that's part of the joy of gardening - watching these tiny little 'sticks' turn into gorgeous rose bushes, daisies, lilies and lavender bushes (to name just a few!). I call my garden our "Friendship Garden" because everything in it comes from either my family or my friends. And of course, I LOVE having friends over to my place now to share a coffee before we wander into the garden with a shovel, secateurs and a plastic bag to fill with cuttings and bulbs for them to take home to flourish in their gardens too! (And of course, that means I have to call into their homes for coffee after my cuttings have flowered in their gardens!! Great excuse for a visit!!!) Gardening is a cathartic hobby (and if you do it like I do) its great for a girl's social life too!!! (You would be blown away by the amount of things that can be grown from a cutting!!) So, happy gardening everyone!!

Contributed by Loretto, Bushfield

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