29 July 2009

Tip of the Day 29 July 2009

Lots of little savings

Most people believe that saving money takes time that they don’t have. It’s simply not true. I can whip up a batch of coconut muffins for just $1.80 in less than 5 minutes. Buying muffins from the supermarket costs $8.94 a dozen, a dollar saving of $7.14 a dozen.

The most savings are made by doing simple, little things that take only a few minutes every day. It’s not doing them once or twice that saves the money, but the constant repetition of lots and lots of inconsequential little things that add up to the huge dollar savings.

Here is my Basic Muffin Recipe:

3 cups SR Flour
1 tspn coconut essence
2 eggs, lightly beaten
½ cup milk powder
1 1/3 cups water
½ cup vegetable oil

Sift flour in bowl and add remaining ingredients. Stir with a fork until just mixed. Put into a muffin pan and bake at 180 for 15-20 minutes. To bake as mini muffins (you’ll get 2 dozen from the mix) bake them for 10 minutes.

To make Coconut Muffins
1 cup sugar
1 cup coconut
to the Basic Muffin Recipe and follow the instructions as above.

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