13 October 2010

Drink Can Saving

A friend told me you could fit over $600 in $2 coins in a drink can which I found hard to believe so thought I'd give it a try. When the tab is pulled off the can you can only fit $2 coins in the opening...5 cent coins will also fit but the goal was to see how much a can of $2 coins would add up to. I washed and dried the can and started adding the coins. Low and behold by the time the can was full there was over $640! I ended up getting a larger beer can and that can holds over $700. I've got to the stage where I can't spend a $2 coin, which probably isn't a bad thing. After seeing the amount the drink can held my friend has been saving her $2 coins as well and it came in very handy with unexpected car repairs.

Contributed by Dianne Keen

1 comment:

  1. This is an awesome tip, I have been doing the "save all the 50" but I also added $1 and $2 coins for a few months now. The last three weeks have been a nightmare hubby's car needed major repairs and all our savings plus grocery money was used to pay for it, bare bones for the last three weeks. Wednesday would you believe it, after the repairs it had to be towed home, while the racv covered the first 20 km we had to pay for the rest I opened the savings and had the amount to pay the driver. Best idea ever and you really don't miss them.



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