21 December 2011

Cake of the Month Club

If you need a gift quickly, that won't cost a bundle but has "WOW" factor, give a voucher to your very own Cake of the Month club along with the first month's cake.

I'm sure everyone has seen or heard of  wine of the month or fruit of the month or even cheese of the month clubs, where for a set amount each month you (or your gift recipient) receives a parcel containing the item of month. Well these clubs are expensive - very expensive - but they have a lot of that "WOW" about them.

Instead of signing your son, daughter, neighbour, brother etc. up to one of these clubs, why not give them a book of vouchers for their favourite cake each month?

It doesn't have to be a cake either. It could be biscuits, slices, pies, quiche, muffins, cup cakes - it's up to you. It could be jam or pickle of the month. It could even be a different treat each month.

It's a nice way to give a little homebaked goodness to loved ones without going to a lot of trouble or expense.

We have delicious cake and biscuit recipes in the Recipe File, as well as pies and slices too.

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