28 December 2011

Get a grip on ironing

Ironing is not my favourite household chore. Even though it doesn’t take much electricity to iron, it does take some and it takes up time. If you’d like to save some time, and save some electricity, here’s a tip that works for some articles of clothing.

If you have some pants that should be ironed, but you don’t want to try this. Peg the pants by the waist from a coathanger, using clothes pegs and hang from the shower curtain rod or some other place where it can hang overnight without being bothered.

Take a handful of clothespegs and put pegs on the bottoms of each pants leg. About five or so are good. Do the pockets need ironing? Put five or so pegs on each pocket so that it hangs straight. After about twenty-four hours, your pants are wrinkle free and look like they’ve been ironed.

Then to keep them wrinkle-free, use a skirt hanger to hang them in your wardrobe.  Fold the trousers so the inside seams are together and match the outside seams. Fold in the waist band (zip open). Hang by the hem from the skirt hanger. The weight pulls the wrinkles out, keeping them in ready-to-wear condition.


  1. Hi Cath,
    That’s real funny.
    I think it would be quicker to iron the pants than taking all that time to peg.
    Thanks for all your wonderful hints.
    Happy new years to you, your family and crew.

  2. Oh no, done in about 10 seconds and no need to re-iron because the crease is off centre. Oh and no shiny iron marks either because I forgot to use an ironing cloth :)


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