29 December 2011

Some rules can be safely broken

Just because a cupboard is in the bathroom doesn't mean you must only store bathroom items in it. One of our bathroom shelves houses extra kitchen items and cloth napkins. Another of our bathroom cupboards is designated for extra paper products - plates, napkins, plastic ware, etc. The wardrobe in our bedroom is home to much more than clothes and shoes. If you look up on the top shelves you'll see the Christmas trees, boxes of ornaments and our less-used camping gear.  It also has all my scrapbooking paraphernalia (minus all my papers which I store flat in a chest of drawers), craft and sewing supplies, suitcases, special heirlooms, and more. Go through your home and determine where your extra space is and then designate items needing space to have their place there - no matter where it is.  Obviously, you can't just designate a spot, you also have to train yourself to put the item back in the spot after you use it, but designating a spot usually goes a long way towards actually putting it back!

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