13 September 2012

A Home and Garden Safety Checklist

As you are spring cleaning and getting ready for summer, look around your home and garden. What dangers are lurking? Look as though you are a potential buyer, you'll see things you've never noticed before.

There are hazards in your home and garden that you might overlook. It's good to take a fresh look at the home and garden and see what might or might not pose a danger, and how to keep your home and garden safe. Here is a checklist to help you have the safest home and garden possible.

Cleaning Products
Poison control centres receive thousands of calls every year from frightened parents whose children have swallowed cleaners. Make sure all cleaners are kept out of children's reach.

Decks are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors - but only if they are safe.

* Fences and gates - Make sure that access to your deck, if it is raised, is restricted by appropriate gates and fencing. The edge of a deck should have a railing or fence that is strong and solid enough to prevent small children from falling off or through.

* Pressure washers - Many people use these powerful machines to clean their decks. But beware - they are very powerful, and you should exercise caution when using them. Make sure you don’t aim the pressure washer at windows, siding, pets or people. You could also injure yourself if you are not careful - pressure washers can take skin off!

Inflatable Pools
Inflatable pools pose a danger to small children - more so than hard plastic wading pools, although they can be dangerous too. The reason is that inflatable pools tend to be larger and therefore hold more water, and their slick, soft, rounded sides make them easier to fall into and harder to climb from.  They are cheap and can be a lot of fun, but you must always supervise and always empty them as soon as the play is over.

Smoke Detectors
It's a good idea to make sure you have smoke detectors in your home, and that they are working properly with fresh batteries. They are cheap and easy to install, there is no excuse to not have them in your home.

Fire Extinguishers
Make sure that all family members know how to use the fire extinguisher, and that it's small enough for everyone to handle. Very small children, of course, will not be able to use one and the extinguisher should be out of their reach.  Make sure you have the right type of extinguisher and keep one in your kitchen. A fire blanket is also a good idea to keep on hand. You may never need to use them, but if you do you will really appreciate them.

Yard Equipment
Sharp tools should have their own storage place out of children's reach. Lawnmowers and riding mowers should be used only when no children under 12 are present. Keep axes, rakes, shovels, hoes and garden forks up out of reach of small children.


  1. Among those checklist why not considering a fence or a semi frameless glass fence in the house. I think its safe from burglar.

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