17 September 2012

How to Make a Willow Wreath

Willow wreaths are so easy to make and they look lovely, either as they are or decorated. I use small willow wreaths to decorate our Christmas tree. If you want to use them for the same thing, you need to make them now so they have time to dry.

To make a small willow wreath, approximately 5cm in diameter you need one long or two short willow strands.

Step 1. Strip the leaves from the strands.

Step 2. Take one strand and twist it into a small circle. Weave one end around the circle to secure.

Step 3. Take the other end and weave it in and out of the circle until you reach the end.

Step 4. Tuck the end into the weaving to secure.

Step 5. Lay the wreaths on several thicknesses of newspaper and place them in a warm, dry spot (in front of a sunny window is ideal). Turn the wreaths every day or so. Leave them for a month until they have dried.

To decorate use craft paints to spray them gold, silver or red. Use a hot glue gun to stick berries, flowers, bows or other embellishments. Cut a 10cm length of narrow ribbon. Fold in half and glue raw edges to the back of the wreath. Let the glue dry then hang by the ribbon.

Where to find willow:  Weeping willows grow all over the place. They were once very common but have fallen out of favour due to their creeping and invasive roots. You'll still find them in parks and along creeks and waterways, or even along the side of a country road. If the willow is on private property ask permission before taking just the number of strands you need to make your wreath.

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