06 September 2012

Classic White

Coloured linens and towels look lovely but they are hard to launder and we all know sets just don't wear evenly. How many odd sheets or towels do you have in your linen cupboard?  Have you ever wondered why hotels always have white linens and towels? It's simple: white is classic.

White flat sheets will go with any white fitted sheet. Pillowcases will always match the bed linen. There are no laundry issues, all the linens go into the one wash. And stains - no problem, soaker won't fade the colour.  Best of all everything matches - no more looking for just the right shade of plum for the bathroom or green for the bed.


  1. I must be strange - it doesnt worry me in the least if my bath towels dont match. If people are going to judge me by how well my bathroom matches, then i seriously have to wonder if I need to be friends with these people. I have more important things in life to do/worry about

    1. As far as I'm concerned not only are you not strange Sarah you are perfectly normal -- either that or I too, am strange!

  2. Was thinking about changing to white to lighten the room... Great idea! :)

  3. I went the all white option in all bedrooms last summer and haven't looked back. I use a range of cushion covers collected over the years to change the look depending on the season and to individualise each bedroom for its occupant. My beach loving 17 year old daughter has a nautical/seaside theme while my 14 year old daughter has opted for many bright colours which she swaps around to suit her mood.


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