26 April 2013

10 Generic Items To Buy

I remember eating a few generic or store brand foods when I was a kid and to be honest, they just didn’t taste very good (tomato soup was one thing I remember vividly as being just horrible). The same cannot be said about the no name foods and household items available today.
In fact, I often find that I prefer the store brands over the popular name brand items. Yes, they really are that good! And it’s an exceptional way to save money because store brands are so much cheaper.
Here are just a few of the generic or store brand items to consider on your next shopping list:

1.   Breakfast cereal
2.   Paper products – toilet paper, paper towels, etc…
3.   Cleaning products
4.   Pasta
5.   Water/soft drink/carbonated beverages
6.   Juice
7.   Cold medications/Pain relievers/allergy medicine
8.   Condiments – tomato sauce, mustard, salsa
9.   Baking goods – sugar, flour, spices
10. Snacks – biscuits, crackers, snack mixes

Generic brands in many cases surpass name brands in both price and quality. Next time you’re at the store, compare prices and try a store brand. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with your receipt and the product.

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  1. I also love Coles plain label tea! I am a cuppa tea annie - and am just blown away by how nice this tea is! So much cheaper than my normal brand "Tetley".


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