08 April 2013

A Winter Warmie

All of a sudden the nights have cooled down. It's to be expected, we are into April, so I shouldn't have been surprised when I was up early on Friday morning and it was chilly. I had planned to do some officework before everyone was up and about for the day, but it was cold. What a dilemma - to work or to go back to bed, where it was cosy and comfortable and - well work won out.

I have a dark green warmie that I wrap over my shoulders when I rush out to the clothesline on cold days. My arms and hands are free to move around but I am toasty warm. So, off to the linen cupboard I went and pulled out my warmie.

Warmies are simply polar fleece capes made long enough to wrap over your knees when you are sitting down. They are great to curl up in on the lounge or in a chair and because they are made from polar fleece they are extra warm and easy to wash and dry. They are also really, really easy to make (and very cheap too).

To make a warmie you need 2.5 metres of 150cm wide polar fleece (if you are tall, make it 3 metres of fabric).

Step 1. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, selvedge together and lay it out flat. I lay it out on the floor.

Step 2. Measure up 1.25metres and mark across the width of the folded fabric. You can use tailor’s chalk or pins.

Step 3. To cut out the neckline and front opening measure in approximately 12cm along the mark. Place a pin at this spot.

Step 4.
Using a bread and butter plate draw the curve for the neckline in to meet the pin.

Step. 5
With sharp scissors cut along the curve (remember it will be twice as wide when you open the fabric out) and then cut down along the fold. This forms the front of your warmie.

You should now have a cape that you can wrap over your shoulders or over your knees.

I use polar fleece to make these rugs because you don’t need to hem it. Just cut and go. Polar fleece is also very cheap. It also comes in such a wide range of plain colours and fabulous patterns that you can make them to match your furnishings or even to complement an outfit.

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