11 November 2013

Earring Canvas - Artwork or Clever Storage Idea!

This is a cute idea that decorates and is a practical storage solution for earrings. It's also a rather nice gift idea too. If you are working on the handmade Christmas challenge, this may be a gift idea you can create to suit the personality of the recipient. You could even include a cute pair of earrings to show them how to use their gift.

Earring Canvas
I am an avid beader and was finding that all my earrings were becoming tangled and mixed up, resulting in lost pairs etc. I needed a cheap and easy solution to store them all. I went to the reject shop and bought a medium size art canvas ($4) and used some poster paint I had at home, and some wire and screw hooks. After allowing the paint to dry, I screwed the hooks into either side and tied the wire between them. For a small cost of $4 and some time and effort, I now have a great looking hanging earring display! These also look great for gifts, I have made for friends and they all loved them.
Contributed by Megan-Rose

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